J. ÉLÉONORE GOULET: Multilingual, people-oriented and highly efficient

Owner, G. Éléonore Goulet is fluent in French, Spanish, German, and English and has attended the University of Toronto and the University of Bonn.

G. Éléonore Goulet started doing translations while she was working as an executive assistant to CEOs of large corporations in her 30-year long career. “I would do the translation for the CEO myself when the material was confidential or sensitive, but sometimes, I would send material out for translation, and then review the job closely when it came back”.

“In many cases, we received word-for-word translations of the English document provided by client. Having grown up in Quebec, speaking French, I knew that such translations often failed to convey the essence of the French message.


Many times, I found myself revising the work to ensure we accomplished our most important objective: Getting your message across in the language of your choice. I soon realized that opportunities existed for a translation service that was dedicated to culturally accurate translations.”

Entrepreneurial by nature, G. Éléonore Goulet decided to launch her own business providing high-end services in translation. “I wanted to create a company that hired only translators who meet the highest standards. My role is to find the work, handle most of the interactions with the clients, match their projects with the most skilled translator and manage the project to ensure that the finished product meets corporate and cultural standards, and keep everyone happy.”

“G. Éléonore Goulet has an ear for language and a knack for getting things done right.”

Her background in business provides her with the organizational skills to meet the demands of the corporate world and, perhaps as importantly, she knows how to work with translators and proofreaders: how to choose them, support them, and use their skills to ensure her high standards are always met and maintained.

“Translators are a special kind of people,” she says. “They love languages and books and often enjoy working on their own and at their own pace. I like working with people and organizing workload to get projects done on time and exactly right.” Most importantly, we share the same value: we love our work; we are honest, reliable, accountable and committed to being the best.

A Winning Business Model

G. Éléonore Goulet has received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2000) from the Toronto Business Development Centre, having been chosen from a group of entrepreneurs (125) who had completed their training at the TBDC throughout the same year.

Her client list includes the American Management Association, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Human Resources Canada, Office of the Premier of Ontario, AOL Canada, Rogers Communications Inc., RCC, TVO, URS, Burnbrae Farms, Sobeys, Scotiabank, Media Profile, and many others. See the complete list of clients here.

Éléonore has worked for large corporations, governments, institutions, businesses of all sizes, and individuals. No client is too big or too small.



Satisfied clients since 1985

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Goulet Professional Translation Services Inc. has been providing accurate translations, creative adaptations, and thorough proofreading services throughout North America and beyond since 1985.

We specialize in English-French and French-English translations, but also have certified translators who work in many other languages. We offer professional translation services in more than 50 languages including Spanish, Miami Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, and many others.

We take pride in our ability to capture and translate the complete essence of corporate, social, cultural and business messages. We have served clients from corporate, IT, financial, HR communications, legal, media relations, government, advertising/marketing/branding sectors, immigration, and marketing sectors for more than 24 years.Owner, G. Éléonore Goulet, ensures that each translator’s qualifications are appropriate for your project. All translators complete a rigorous testing process before being hired.

Why Choose Us

We are small enough to provide individual attention, but large enough for the most complex project.You will correspond with one person – the owner – who ensures your requirements are understood and met. We maintain world leading quality control standards and testing for all of our translators. This includes quality tests, knowledge of specific industries, specific testing (e.g. IT or technical), punctuality and terminology updating. Our translators and proofreaders are always natives of the language in which they translate an original language.

We serve large corporations, government, institutions, businesses of all sizes, and individuals (immigration-related documents). No client is too big or small.

We take pride in delivering translations with:


Cultural Accuracy

Goulet Professional Translation Services Inc. is based in Toronto, Ontario, which is one of the most multicultural cities in Canada. We use certified translators and proofreaders from some of the world’s most diverse communities. Our translators and proofreaders are completely at home in dual languages and cultures. This ensures that your documents are both culturally accurate and linguistically precise.

Every document or website we translate is completely proofread by a second translator as well as a proofreader before the translation is delivered, at no added cost to you.

Contextual nuances and clarity

We listen carefully so your requirements are clearly understood. We will always read your documents carefully before starting the job. We won’t just translate the words, but also the subtle nuances of meaning in their proper corporate and cultural contexts. In other words, we read the message between the lines.

Consistent Terminology

You can depend on the consistency of Goulet Professional Translation Services Inc. Our translators work only in their native languages and provide custom service. The same translator and proofreader will handle all your projects to ensure consistency and familiarity with the terminology specific to each project.

Quick Turnaround

We take pride in a fast turnaround time (when requested), but maintain high standards. We do not compromise quality in order to speed up delivery. We maintain world leading quality control standards. Every document or website we translate is completely proofread by a second translator as well as a proofreader before delivery at no added cost to you.

We are on-time for every project always, whether it is a standard job or a rush job.

Prompt Response and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your emails and requests for quotes are usually responded to within 2 hours. When you contact Goulet Professional Translation Services Inc., you will speak directly with the owner, G. Éléonore Goulet, who supervises your project from start to finish personally, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the service, quality, honesty, integrity, and complete confidentiality that the company provides.

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