Diploma and Transcript Translation

Many countries have very strict standards regarding the transfer of academic diplomas, transcripts, letters of reference from professors from one country to another. For this reason, all of the documents relating to your education degree(s) must be translated by certified translators.

Many international education, business and government organizations are very particular about their candidate’s claims of academic skills and expertise and will request proof by way of certified translations of their diplomas, transcripts, etc.

If you are planning on pursuing higher studies somewhere other than in your own country, or are hoping to secure employment in a foreign country and require proof of your academic credentials, it is essential that your diploma or transcript be linguistically accurate and certified.

Academic document translation forms the basis of your application. It may also be necessary to determine your academic standing. A translation that is highly accurate and certified for the target organizations in the host country will make it possible for you to achieve your academic or employment goals.