Many companies need their legal documents to be translated from one language into another. However, translating legal documents is a very linguistically precise task. Even minor errors in the translation can result in potential lawsuits and legal exposure that will consume a lot of unnecessary time and money. This is why you need certified legal translators to handle your translation requirements.

Our legal document translation includes, contracts and agreements, patents, trademarks and copyright, tenders, judicial transcripts, appeal statements, sales deeds, certificates and court related documents including pleadings and transcripts.

We have experienced, certified translators who possess the requisite knowledge of the legal system and the target clients that you serve. We also provide certified or notarized documents as required by our clients.

To translate your legal documents the translation skills we emphasize are:

Legal Translation

Linguistics Accuracy:

We attach the utmost importance to the linguistic accuracy of the translation of legal documents because even a slight error may result in damages.

Timely and perfect delivery

Our certified translators have many years of experience related to the law and provide linguistically accurate translation each and every time, as well as on time delivery while adhering to the strictest deadlines without compromising quality.

Aware of the Laws in Different Legal Jurisdictions:

Our certified legal translators are well versed in the laws in different legal jurisdictions and systems around the globe including the common law and the civil (Napoleonic)code.

Relevant courses in legal translation and knowledge of legal requirements are a pre-requisite for the translation of legal documents by our legally trained translators.

Cultural Approach and Sensitivity:

While translating legal texts, we keep in mind the jargon, cultural approaches, regional idioms and sensitive issues of the target language.


Maintaining the privacy of our clients and their documents are of extreme importance to our clients and therefore to us.

We understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of documents between all parties and we enter in confidentiality agreements with companies who require it, and which binds all of our translators.