Successful retail industries have as their target reaching potential clients anywhere and everywhere across the globe, thereby extending their business reach globally.

Goulet Professional Translation Services Inc. has translated solutions for retail and e-commerce service industries which help retailers to create, execute and optimize multilingual and multinational strategies for online/mobile, in-store content, and customer support interactions that drive sales, global growth, and customer loyalty.

We offer creative adaptation, translation, revision, proofreading and consulting services to ensure that your global network of stores communications meets the same high standards as those in your home market, and that you are able to offer your customers a tailored, culturally appropriate shopping experience.

Our translation services for the retail industry :

  • Multilingual Branding of the Products
  • Website / E-Commerce Site Localization
  • International Search Engine Optimization / Marketing
  • Email Marketing with Newsletter generation into multiple languages
  • Social media update of the Products