Advertising and public relations professionals, as well as business owners and marketers thinking of expanding their reach internationally, will almost always require specialized services that offer translation for public relations.

The fact is that, only a small portion of the world speaks English. In Europe, the regional languages, Latin, French, German, and others are all powerful. In Asia, there is Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and more. People like to be reached in their native language, when deciding whether to buy or not. That’s precisely why all the marketing materials and other communication resources have to be translated into the local language. A professional translation company offering PR media translation can definitely help. You reach your potential target market.

PR Translation Blunders

There are PR translation blunders all the time. This happens even with the top companies. Advertising campaigns and product launches that have not taken into consideration local cultures, have caused costly blunders. This naturally causes negative PR, something no translation for PR agency will want. But it happens nonetheless. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Parker Pens, and General Motors… they have all faced this situation. There are countless examples that show what can happen when marketers don’t understand the local lingo, idioms, culture and intent of the message.

Get Only the Best Translation for PR Agency Service

Only the best translation for PR agency working with native certified translators can avoid this. That is why it is essential that you hire professional translation services with adequate experience in working for public relations companies.

PR media translation is a specialized job. It’s not something your secretary, with some knowledge of Chinese, Japanese or Spanish can do. It takes years to become an expert in the niche, something that the translators in the professional translation company have invested in. so always turn to the best professional translation services you can find. Don’t try to save money here. Remember, the mistake can be costly and can make you lose a part of a big market.

Translation for Public Relations – What’s Needed?

Very few translation companies can do a good job when it comes to translation for public relations. Specialized translation services for public relations require translators who have extensive experience in linguistic screening. They should be able to convey the concepts, idioms, technical terms, and metaphors from the source language to the target language, without losing the meaning. The PR media translation service should be able to ensure cultural relevance and brand integrity as well.

Such a service needs to cover all communications needs – catalogues, packaging, product brochures, newsletters, press releases, advertisements, and news articles. It must include brand name checks, and creative content translations like blogs and website content. Finally, this service must extend to social media as well.