Public relation is all about communication. It thus makes sense to be on target. One small mistake can be very costly. When you are selecting a translation for public relations professional, go for one who has a lot of experience with multi-language translation jobs. Remember, the key points can get lost easily if the person isn’t comfortable with both the languages. And not just that, the translator should also understand the cultural nuances of the language too. It’s always good to work with somebody who has specific experience of PR translation.

The professional translators at Goulet Professional Translation Services Inc. have a deep understanding of the PR industry. Our translators are able to maintain the integrity of each message accurately. We have done a lot of translation for PR agency and press release translation jobs for businesses of all sizes. We have served more than 500 clients over the last 30 years.

Serving All Your PR Translation Needs

We can help in all your translation for public relations needs, whether it is brochures, catalogues, blog content, advertising copy, press release translation, publicity material, a newsletter, and television or radio spots. We have just the right person for you.

Public relations and marketing materials are often full of slogans, clever word play, and idioms. They are attention grabbing and catchy. They could however be good in English, and yet, not go all that way with the cultural sensitivities of a foreign language. The message could thus get lost in the translation job if that is it is not done well. One wrong word, wrong meaning, or inappropriate reference could steer the translation to a completely new direction. It could very well happen if you are not with a really good service offering translation for PR agency.

Dos and Don’ts to Avoid Making Mistakes in Translation for Public Relations

  • Always hire a professional translation service for your press release translation, public relations, marketing, or any other translation job.
  • Work with a company like Goulet Professional Translation Services Inc. with specific experience in PR translation.
  • Never feel tempted to distribute in English to forgo translation. It might work best in the native language. This is true almost all the time. You’ll find it much easier to penetrate into the local market with stuff in the language they speak there. And in some markets, you’ll have to get it translated. There is no other way.
  • Never rely on an employee who can speak, and perhaps even write, the foreign language a bit. Translation for PR agency is best left to the professional. Your employee might not be good in corporate communications, and will surely not know the technicalities of translating efficiently.
  • Never wait till the last moment to get the document translated. Give the person doing your PR translation or press release translation adequate time. The person should also have additional time to go over the stuff and edit if needed. That’s how you get the job done well.

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